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Program Dashboard Milestone redirect issue.

Question asked by mansriva on Jun 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2011 by mansriva
We have the child projects milestone included along with the program milestone in the program Dashboard portlet.
If I click on milestone, it will take me to milestone portlet and after submit it will take me to program dashboard portlet again.

Program dashboard: - app?action=projmgr.taskProperties&returnAction=projmgr.programDashboard&projectId=ID_PROGRAM&id=MILESTONE_ID

If I click on the milestone which belongs to the project it will open the above url where ID_PROGRAM will be replaced by the project id.

If I make the changes in milestone and click on submit it will try to take me to the program Dashboard but since project_id is passed, we are getting the alert
"Invalid or no object data found".

Do we have any option to address this issue?