CA Tuesday Tip: CMS Config Changes For A Relocated Database

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[color=#ff0000]CA DLP Tuesday Tip by Steven Prego, Support Engineer for 6/21/2011[color]

The following steps assume that both the server hosting the CMS and the
Database Name remain unchanged.

1. Stop the DLP/ APM infrastructure on the old CMS server.
2. Back up the Database.
3. Restore the Database to the new location.
4. Ensure the DLP Primary and Search Users exist on the new DB with the
respective Username, Password, DB Roles and Privileges as the originating
5. Backup the ‘’ files located in the APM\ DLP system
directory (see note below).
6. Edit the ‘’ file with the following information:

For Oracle:

db.jdbcDatabase=jdbc:inetora:<New DB Server>:<Port Number>:<Wgn_DB

db.Machine=<New DB Machine Name>


db.jdbcDatabase=jdbc:inetdae7:<New DB Server>:<Port Number>?
database=<Wgn_DB Name>&fetchsize=2048

db.Machine=<New DB Instance Name>

7. Edit the registry:

In versions 6 and earlier edit the key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Orchestria\Active Policy Management\CurrentVersion\Properties

In version 12 and above edit the key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA DLP\CurrentVersion\Properties

For Oracle:

DatabaseServer = <New DB Name>


DatabaseServer = <New DB Instance name>

8. Restart the DLP/ APM infrastructure on the old CMS server.

The ‘’ file exists in the system directory. The
default route to this directory varies depending upon the version of APM/
DLP used.

Default location for Version 6 and earlier is:
‘C:\program files\Orchestria\Active Policy Management\system\’

Default location for Version 12 and 12.5 is:
‘C:\program files\CA\CA DLP\system\’