CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Common Errors when Creating Cost Plans

Discussion created by moota02 Employee on Jul 12, 2011
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Error Handling when Creating Cost Plans.

Here is is handy cheat sheet on 3 common errors that you may receive while creating a cost plan and the possible avenues to address them:

ERROR 1:"REVMGR-01027: Cannot copy staff plan because data is missing. Make sure the investment is staffed, all tasks have a charge code and staff is financially enabled."

This error points out several root causes, but one that the error doesn't point out is the financial properties on the project are not complate. You can find the project financial information on the financial subpage on the project properties page in Clarity.

"REVMGR-20971: Time period do not exist for the duration of the project."

If you receive this error, the date ranges on the ranges on the project and/or the team is outside of the valid dates ranges defined in your fiscal time periods.

"REVMGR-20726: Rates are missing for one or more roles/resources."

Rates are generated through the rate matrix. Review each team member's properties against the rate matrix using the test rate matrix feature to determine the culprit. Encourage your project manager to send to you screenshot of the team list page for easy identification.