Error in job for updating monitoring with track mode= other

Discussion created by cris.perezcoll on Jul 18, 2011
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anybody helps me?? I have this job thats make the monitoring update in Track Mode= Other.
Has the following steps

1. Start
2. Proces: Update progress tasks (Spain: Actualizar avance tareas )
2a: action: Update progress tasks (Spain: Actualizar avance tareas )
2.b action: Roll up% Complete (Spain: Roll up % Completado )
3. Proces: Reporting assignments completed (Spain: Notificación tareas completadas)
4. Proces: Update status indicator. (Spain: Actualización indicador de estado.)
5. Finish

I attached all the gel scripts with the code. This process has a problem, when i execute this, put all task with actuals O, in Status= not Started and put actual thrue = null (in procces 2A, in gel script finich part ).
When the proces finish, and i open Open Workbench, all tasks with actuals O put automatycally Status= Started and put actual Thrue.

Why do that?, The strange is, if i put in OWB before , in the same task Status= Not Started and Actual Thrue= nul,l not changes anymore, since i run the process again.
If I compare tasks that have gone through the process with others not in the database i did not see any difference.
Please helppp