How to run two instances of selogrd on a Unix system

Discussion created by jordi.c Employee on Jul 25, 2011
This scenario redirects the output from the seos.collect.audit file into a readable text file called 'Collector.txt. This file is also backed up when its size reaches 2MB.
Notice the period at the end of each file and also at the end of the third line in step 2

0. cd into the AccessControl/log directory
1. Create the following selogrd.cfg rule
host localhost
2. Open a file called myfile.cfg and insert the following rule
file /Collector.txt
format filesize(2048).
3. create an empty file in AccessControl/log called 'logroute2.dat' with 'touch logroute2.dat'
4. start selogrcd with 'selogrcd'
5. start the first instance of selogrd with 'selogrd'
6. start the second instance of selgord with the following command:
selogrd -audit /opt/CA/AccessControl/log/seos.collect.audit -config /opt/CA/AccessControl/log/myfile.cfg -data /opt/CA/AccessControl/log/logroute2.dat