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dynamically add users as a members of provisioning roles

Question asked by CA_IDM_Test on Nov 11, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2009 by ca.portal.admin
Hi,   We have to add users as a members of a provision roles based on some attribute values provided at create user reqquest.   I have created one provision role, in that I have modified Admin rule policy and user scope rule accordingly.    Rule:    Admin Rule:  who are all members of (group  "Contractors")  User Scope:  where ("provision_to_LDAP" = true)      When I have created a user and added to Contractors group also...   and also provision_to_LDAP=true in the backend   provision roles are added based on the admin rule. But the user is added as a Administrator in the Provision Rule not as a member.. so the records are provisioned to target system.    Kindly provide the suggestions.    Thanks in advacne...    Regards  Vamsi.