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Form Post using 'ou'

Question asked by OO on Aug 28, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2009 by Osiris
Hi,  I am fairly new to SiteMinder, but I have been able to submit a login using the loggin.fcc via form post.  What I have accomplished is as follows:   Custom HTML with  form to login.fcc with user, password and target fields. HTML Form  Basic Authentication Scheme SiteMinder configuration to protect "/project/protected" and to have unprotected "/project"   So, this works fine with no issues. What I would like to do however, instead of just using user/password authentication, I would like to leverage "ou" into this.  So, I've  created a different  Directory labeled specifically for this, (Im not sure if the configurations are any different than the previous one that didn't accept 'ou').  Also, I have tried passing strings such as "cn=username,ou=group" in the user name field of the login.fcc, but this isn't working.  My question was, what configurations do I have to change to make this to work?  Thanks,Osiris