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RCM 12.5 Installation Errors

Question asked by Satya77 on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2011 by tom_bailey

Hi  I'm experiencing errors while trying to install RCM. Could  someone please let me know  how to resolve this issue?    The RCM 12.5 installer, during installation, is throwing the following error-- "Unable to find MS SQL Native Client. MS SQL Native Client is not installed".  I'm trying to do a simple local installation with SQL Server and RCM on the same machine. SQL Native Client is also installed on the same machine. Hence, unable to understand why the above is being thrown.  Please find below the context within which RCM is being installed.------------------------------
I'm trying to install CA RCM 12.5 with MS-SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition on a Windows XP SP3.  SQL Server is running a default instance with sys admin (sa) privilege.  Enabled Protocols:  (1) Shared Memory is enabled
(2) TCP/IP port is enabled and configured for port 1433 and has been exempted from firewall settings.
(3) Named Pipes is also enabled.  Firewall-Exemptions list:  (1) sqlservr.exe
(2) sqlbrowser.exe
(3) SQL Server Browser Service running on UDP- port 1434------------------------------  Many thanks.  Cheers