Clarity Resource Allocations / Allocations Grid

Discussion created by Michael_Powers on May 1, 2008
[left]  Hi all,    I am working with a user that performs resource management in Clarity and we're having a discussion around how to perform some allocation tasks.   I've posted some questions below that she sent to me and am hoping to get answers from either CA or from other individuals whose companies use the Clarity product.    Thanks..    Michael 
If you utilize resource capacity planning in Clarity, is it planned from the project perspective (Project Manager) or the resource perspective (Resource Manager)?

If planned by the Resource Manager, is planning done in % or in the “hourly� allocation grid.

If the “hourly� allocation grid is utilized, do you have issues planning during the last month of the project with receiving the error message, “You do not have authority to extend the date of the project�?

What is your work around to be able to apply the hours you are requiring for your plan?

Is preferred to allocate in weeks or months? [left]