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Is this a bug in the Autoschedule feature, or the Calendar?

Question asked by KiwiAli on Aug 20, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2008 by KiwiAli
I'm working with Clarity 7.5.2, FP02 (but I believe the situations below also apply to 7.5.3).  I think there are 2 issues here, but they may be related. We have defined a number of Calendars for our organisation's resources, based on their geographic location.  Resources in Australia work from a standard 8 hours per day calendar, resources in India work from a 8.5 hours per day calendar and resources in New Zealand work from a 7.5 hours per day calendar. Issue 1: When we apply the Resource Availability field to a view and set the Period Unit to "Percent", our Australian resources show 100%, our Indian resources show 106.25% and our New Zealand resources show 93.75%, which indicates that the Availability field assumes an 8 hour day, regardless of what the Resource calendar says. Issue 2: When we have resources from different geographies working on a task, the Autoschedule function schedules based on the least amount of availability.  For example if we have a resource from New Zealand and a resource from India working on the same task, Autoschedule will schedule 7.5 hours per day for each resource, instead of 7.5 hours per day for the New Zealand-based resource and 8.5 hours per day for the India-based resource. Are these two issues bugs, or undocumented features? They have certainly proved to be "gotchas"! Any advice appreciated