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Question asked by rkljr on Oct 10, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2008 by rkljr
What table contains the team assignment details. The PRTEAM table does not contain the additional detail for a resource on a team if the resource's time is split. For example, if the resource is on the team from 2/2/2009 to 3/2/2009 and then from 8/1/2009 to 10/1/2009 this data is not directly reflected in the PRTEAM table.It is in a slice or some other table? I am hoping that it is not only in a BLOB. I prefer to not use reporting tables but will if I need to. I use the following SQL (Oracle) to return the team assignments for team assignments in 2009: SELECT, t.prprojectid, t.prroleid,    NVL(t.pravailstart,p.schedule_start) startDate,    NVL(t.pravailfinish,p.schedule_finish) finishDate,    t.prallocsum   FROM prteam t, inv_investments p, srm_resources r   WHERE p.ID = t.prprojectid AND     r.ID = t.prresourceid AND     ((NVL(t.pravailstart,p.schedule_start) >= TO_DATE('20090101','YYYYMMDD') AND     NVL(t.pravailstart,p.schedule_start)     (NVL(t.pravailfinish,p.schedule_finish) >= TO_DATE('20090101','YYYYMMDD') AND     NVL(t.pravailfinish,p.schedule_finish)     (NVL(t.pravailstart,p.schedule_start)     NVL(t.pravailfinish,p.schedule_finish) > TO_DATE('20091231','YYYYMMDD')))AND     p.is_active = 1 AND     r.resource_type = 0