Subprojects disappear when nesting

Discussion created by KiwiAli on Nov 26, 2008
Hi all.  I've come across a peculiar problem which is best described by an example.  I'm managing the schedules for a release which comprises 27 different workstreams (each with their own Clarity project).  The structure of the schedules is quite hierarchical (for example, the Release schedule is the top of the tree, with the Technology program the next level down. Subordinate to Technology is Technical Delivery and subordinate to that is Security). The Technical Delivery project has 2 phases from the Security project inserted as Subprojects. The Technology project has a phase from the Technical Delivery project inserted as a Subproject, and the Release project has a phase from Technology, 2 phases from Technical Delivery and a phase from Security as a Subproject.  I'm trying to create a Release View which shows progress of all projects within the Release, however when I open the Program, the Technical Delivery and Technology projects are not visible (I've triple-checked and they are definitely included in the Program Subprojects tab within Clarity).  Resource availability/actual usage/etc is correct for all resources.  The Technical Delivery Manager is assigned only to tasks within the Technical Delivery plan. I can see the actual usage & etc, etc. at the resource level, but when I attempt to filter any View to show the tasks to which he is assigned, it comes up blank.  When I go into the Subprojects dialog box and Delete the nested subprojects, all projects display correctly.  Has anyone else wseen this behaviour and if so, is there anything I can do to create a whole-of-release view without (a) requiring the Project Managers to alter their behaviour and tool usage, or (b) manually deleting the subproject nesting from within the Subprojects dialog box every time I open the Program?  Thanks in advance, and apologies for the novel.