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Invalid Transactions updates

Question asked by Nancy.Gacek on Dec 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2009 by Kathryn_Ellis
Hi, I am wondering if I understand how Invalid Transactions disappear from its link, correctly. -If the project is missing a charge code the Invalid Transaction states "Missing or Inactive Charge Code". I update the project with a Charge Code, re-run Post Transactions to Financials, and the invalid transactions are now valid and go through.  AND the "Missing or Inactive Charge Code" is removed from the Invalid Transactions link.  This works as I expected. -But when it comes to timesheet corrections, the invalid transactions are not removed by the system.  An example is a simple rate matrix where the role of "Account Manager" equals $150.  A resource on a project that uses this rate matrix, has a "Project Manager" role.  When that resource's transactions go through, the Invalid Transactions log states "Rate not Found".  So the resource has his timesheet returned and changes the role on his timesheet for that project task to "Account Manager".  The posting jobs are re-run and the corrections go through, but instead of the "Rate not Found" being deleted by the system, it stays.  And in fact, a second row of "Rate not Found" is added.  Is this how the system should operate?