Set Attribute Upon Login

Discussion created by labaublitz on Dec 10, 2008
Hi, I have a requirement to track user logins.  Unfortunately, Clarity creates a new session table entry for each user who has initiated a process that is still running, every hour because our session timeout is 60 minutes.  I have submitted a post to the forum and a case to Clarity about this issue, and there's no workaround yet.  And, the biggest problem with this (not to mention the size of the cmn_session_audit table), is that I have no way of knowing if the session entry was from a real login or is from a process instance.   The only thing I can think of to alleviate this problem is to set some attribute whenever a person logs in (hits return or hits the Login button).  Anybody have any ideas on the best way to accomplish this?  I would greatly appreciate any help or ideas at all!!! Regards,Laurie Baublitz