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Help on small projects

Question asked by croscn on Jan 7, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2009 by sundar
Just a general question and looking for any ideas: How do you handle small (10 - 200 hour) projects? The projects that don't require a full WBS, oversight, or status reports; but in the end, still need to be accounted for. We currently use tasks under a large 'project'. For example: Group XYZ Small Projects. This is good because it groups these small projects together by either customer or group, and gets the functionality that we require. But we have issue's in it requires the PM to manage all of the these including Start and Stop dates, ETC and who is assigned. Also, being able to only report it in one direction (Group doing work or customer) is pretty prohibitive. We have considered using Incidents. They have all of the strengths of Tasks, including the ability for the staff member to manage/create it. But the problem is there is no reporting available unless you custom create it. This includes any type of capacity planning. We have also considered just using our service desk program to keep track of these, and just track the time in large buckets. Are there other options we could consider?