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Problem displaying many graph portlets on a single page

Question asked by Dave on Jan 21, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by Dave
I have a strange problem!  We have built a portlet page with a number of graph portlets (mixed types, pie, bar, column) upon on it.  When we deploy this page to our users we get some odd behaviour;  "Some" of our users get the page displayed correctly (all 8 portlets)  but  "Some" of our users only get the "first" 4 or 5 (its random) portlets displayed correctly and then the remaining portlets get the "missing image" icon in IE.  Hitting "refresh" a occasionally gets all 8 portlets for the users (but not often!).  Also interestingly the users who are OK get their screen returned to them MUCH quicker than it taks for the "incomplete" page to be displayed!  --  I assume that this is all an issue between Internet Explorer (v6) and SVG Viewer (3.0) (on XP) somewhere as it appears to be machine specific rather than anything to do with Clarity, the Clarity user or the portlet code.  (But I have compared everything I can think of between a machine upon which this "works" and one of the same physical spec which "doesn't work" - we have locked down desktops so the software stack is the same on both machines even!)  So does anyone know what is going on?    (Our workaround is going to have to be to split the 8 portlets into 2 pages as we always seem to be able to draw 4 graph portlets OK).    Thanks!David Morton
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