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Action Item Completed by 1 of many  want to continue process

Question asked by JenM on Mar 20, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2009 by DaveM
I recently had to change a step notification from one resource to notify   to go to multiple resources to notify on the action item.   I would like to be able to have one person complete the action and the process to continue on.  I have no problem in sending the mustiple notifications and getting the action items under each resouce.  I modified the post condition of the action, but that doesn’t seem to trigger the next step. First time doing this so may have it wrong.   Welcome suggestions.     I have modified the Post-Conditions, condition builder as follows:   IF: Action: Item.uni_fields_not_filled.uni_req_filelds_filled_in number of assignees with status done >= 1 Then go to : check required Fields
Flow:   Step 1 check required fields                        Fields not filled then go to fields not filled in send back (1A)                        Fields are filled then go to Initiate Process(step2)   Step 1A Fields are not filled in                        Action item to resources â€" change to Done when missing info is added. ok send back to step1 check required fields to verify.  Step 2 Initiate Process