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Project-Level Earned Value Fields Not Appearing

Question asked by srobertson on Apr 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi all,  I was about to create a CA support ticket, but figured I'd pick the community's collective brain in case this is a known issue.   That said, I haven't found anything in the Knowledge Base or product documentation as yet.   So, here's the situation:  Presently, none of the "Acronym Fields" (i.e. the earned value calculations such as ACWP, CPI, SPI, CV, SV, etc.) are apperaing correctly in the Project List or Program List portlets.   Verified:  * Financials Configured* Referenced Matrix is valid* Project is baselined (further, the EV fields are showing up correctly in the Project Baseline screen (?action=projmgr.baselineRevisionList&id=xxxxxxx)* As Of date is populated* Actual Hours have been posted... project is approximately 15% Expended.* All the financial jobs are running without Failure* Clarity 7.5.3 FP8  And yet, when I add the EV fields to the Project List or Program List portlets, these fields are blank for projects that should be showing values.  I'm hoping it's something simple like a job that needs to be run of which we weren't aware.   Any help is greatly appreciated!  -Scott