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Technique sought  for linking an NSQL parameter to a portlet or portlet pa

Question asked by Phil_S on Apr 30, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2010 by samos
I am trying to find clear guidance on the process to follow for creating a portlet which contains a parameterised lookup. For example I would like to create a portlet which could appear on the Clarity Overview page and list all risks assigned to whoever had logged in (much as the "Action Items" and "My Projects" portlets do). Similarly I would like to have portlets appearing on the Projects Dashboard page to be limited to the ID of the particular project in question. The manual makes reference to user-supplied and built-in parameters and explains how they can be included in NSQL queries. However I have been able to find no further information explaining how to link to these these parameters in a portlet or a portlet page.

Any help gratefully appreciated.
I am using Clarity 8.1 sp3