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What does Clarity mean by a "form"?

Question asked by Phil_S on May 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
The Clarity UI makes references to “formsâ€? at several points but we have been unable to get a clear view on how they are supposed to work (or even whether they work). Initially I had assumed that a form was a collection of field attributes associated with an object and perhaps tied in to a workflow via a process. However it would appear that Clarity also uses the term in association with attached template documents that can be associated with a resource or project task. The manuals make a few references to forms in this context but they do not seem to explain how to use them or set them up.   Mentions of forms appear at several points in the UI on our (8.1 sp3) system: Project/ Collaboration/Forms (we don’t seem to be able to create anything here). Resources/Individual Resource Properties/Document Manager/Forms (this includes a “resumeâ€? folder which contains some sample documents and which allows others to be added. The intention seems to be to use something like Office template files). Project/Select a Task/Task Properties/Associated forms (list is blank). Global search (advanced) allows for search to be restricted to the contents of forms. Project/Tasks/Forms (showing no associated forms for any of our project tasks). Admin/Project Management/Document Templates â€" this gives us a view of the document templates which Clarity is apparently regarding as “formsâ€?. Under the folder “Resourcesâ€? there is a sub-folder called “Demo Group/Resumeâ€? and under this folder we can create new template documents. We can attempt to move documents to other folders from here but do not seem to be able to create documents in other folders directly. Clarity does not seem to pick up documents which have been moved to other folders (for example “Projectsâ€?) when we look for them in the places mentioned above.   I am trying to work out whether this is a half-developed feature, something left over from earlier versions of the product or if I am simply failing to understand how to configure and use it. If anybody has used forms of this kind or could explain what is going on here I would be very grateful.