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Time Scaled Value Column Settings in Studio

Question asked by Andy_La on May 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
What  I want to do is to  made the financial plans time scale displayed in fiscal year, rather than calendar year.  So, I went into Studio and  made the following changes to the Time Scale in the Time Scaled Value Column Settings  (  Object:  Cost Plan Detail  |  Partition:  System  |  View:  Cost Plan Detail - List  )    - Start Date - Rolling Date = " Start of Current Year"  - Time Scale = "Monthly"  - Number of Time Period = "12"  - Time Period Offset = "- 6"    Then, published the Cost Plan Detail views...However, the changes did not take effects.    I  thought it maybe caching causing the problem, so I flushed the caches...But it did not work, the time scale is still in calendar year.    I even restarted the application, but it did not work either.    Anyone know why it did not work and how to fix the problem??? Thanks.