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Department OBS not visible when creating a new role

Question asked by Phil_S on May 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2009 by Vic
We are having some problems assigning a labour role to a node in our Department OBS. Steps to reproduce:
1. Under "Resources" select "New" specifying a "Resource" of type "Labor". The resulting screen includes the option to specify where the resource should sit in our Department OBS structure.
2. Same as before except this time select "Role" and type "Labor" (or any other in fact). This time the system does not show the department OBS. The manual (under "Creating Role Properties" step 7) indicates that it should do so.

I am enclosing screenshots showing our outcome for both cases. Some background: We are working here with a test system running Clarity 8.1sp3. Data was copied over from our production system which was setup with version 7.5.3 and which is currently running 8.1sp2. When we set up our system all resources were classified using a stand-alone resource OBS structure and we did not use the department structure. Our current aim is to hang all our resouces and projects off a new department OBS. We have created this OBS and associated it with a new top-level entity. We have also associated the Department OBS with the Resource object (any units).

Any ideas on what might be wrong here would be greatly appreciated.