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Hi All,
In addition to participating in online activities that the Global User
Communities and Online Forums offer, CA has a growing network of
Regional User Communities that meet in person on a regular basis to
discuss and share information on a variety of technical topics.

Whether you are a novice, or a seasoned user of CA technology,
participation in a Regional User Community group is an excellent way to
receive technical content, education and to meet with your peers to get
more out of CA’s solutions and resources.

What CA provides for the Meetings:

1.      A meeting venue - i.e. a conference room in a CA office.

2.      Food & beverage - usually continental breakfast and lunch.  
This varies from meeting to meeting - based upon the start and end
times of each one.

3.      Audio/Visual - (there are times when a local meeting is being
aligned with a global webcast, so the group will need the equipment in
order to access the webcast.)   Sometimes there are presentations being
made at local meetings so a projector, screen, conference phone/polycom
are needed.   We also provide loaner laptops when necessary and when
they are available.

4.      CA presenter - We will help facilitate requested CA speakers from
Support, Product Management and Services.   If requested presenter is
close they may attend in person, otherwise the presentations are done
via webcast.

What CA provides for the Infrastructure:

1.      Website from where users can:
     a.      Email members
     b.      Approve member requests
     c.      Post meeting schedules and news bulletins
     d.      Request event facilities and food from the site

2.       Increased visibility into Product Management and Support besides what the Global Community provides.

CA World:

NOTE:   In the past the following has been provided.   We don’t know yet for the upcoming one if all this will remain the


1.      We have invited user community presidents and board officers to
attend the CARE conference (2 days) prior to CA World. They were also
given free registrations to CA World last year.

2.      There were discounts ($250 last year) for User community members.

Pease check out for more information.   If
anyone has any questions I would be happy to talk with you about the
subject.   This is a great opportunity to get together with your fellow
users on a face to face basis and let CA do all the heavy lifting for

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