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Gel Load of Table fails when value contains & symbol

Question asked by Lowell on Jun 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2009 by Lowell
The following script is meant to import new values from a particular  text output.   The issue comes in when the  output  contains an '&' symbol.   The particular record containing this symbol fails.    How do I test for this character and  modify it to a string value?      
    Reading file named - ${vFile}
File name "${PLocalDirectory}/${vFile}"
      delete from trg_beeline_charge_code
                    File ${vFile} sucessfully read into
                      INSERT INTO trg_beeline_charge_code BC
                    (BC.tkc, BC.project_id, BC.activity_id, BC.cost_center,
BC.account, BC.project_name
                      VALUES ('${row[0]}','${row[1]}','${row[2]}','${row[3]}','${row
                      select count(*) as num
                      from trg_beeline_charge_code
                    Number of records insert into
trg_beeline_charge_code - "${vrec_count.rows[0].num}"
                    Error locating or reading file - "$