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Clarity v.12.0 upgraded.  Transaction Entries not being deleted automatica

Question asked by Stephen_W on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi, we have finished upgrading to v 12.0 and have stabilized the environment.   We are noticing that after we run a list of job process on a weekly basis, the Transaction Entries that show all the voucher expenses with transactions in them are no longer being deleted after the process.   We notice that all the transactions inside each voucher  have been  processed and can be seen in the file generated by the "populate extract files" job.   The voucher (now empty) is usually removed but no longer are.   The job listing we run is shown below in that order, seperated by 15 minute intervals after each finish time.  Create Earned Value SnapshotPost TimesheetsPost Transactions to FinancialsPost to WIPImport Financial ActualsPopulate Ryder Split TablePopulate Extract Files