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Pass Multi-Select Browse Parameter to Busines Objects Report

Question asked by FrankKessler on Jul 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
I'm trying to pass a multi-select resource field to a Business Objects report, but I'm having issues.   If I use the Multi-select browse and only choose one value the report runs as expected.   Once I add two I get errors and I'm assuming it's an error in the way I'm trying to account for this parameter in my query. I'm not using one of the Universes.   I'm running this report directly off of a custom query.  In BO, I have a parameter set up in a query as follows: "AND (resource_table.ID IN {?Resources })" --- I've also tried "AND resource_table.ID IN ({?Resources })"  In the BO parameter, I've tried classifying it is a number and a string and neither work for multiple values.  In Clarity the report is looking at the "All Resources Browse" lookup.   I'm assuming it will send a comma delimited list of ID's such as 5001025,5002026 that would fit perfectly with the SQL "IN" keyword.  I've looking at some of the out of the box reports in Clarity and they seem to use this format from above: "AND (resource_table.ID IN {?Resources })".   Now I just have to figure out what else they do to make the report run correctly.  Thanks in advance,Frank