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Calculated Attributes in v8.0 / v12

Question asked by sundar on Jul 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by Dave
Hi,  I   heard about Calculated Attributes in v8.0 /v12.As advised in the KB articleA calculated attribute is a attribute whose value is based on a calculation using the values of other attributes. For example, you might create a attribute called "Remaining Budget" whose value is derived from the following formula:
Remaining Cost = Planned Cost - Actual Cost.In this case, a attribute's value (Remaining Budget) depends on the value of two other attributes (Planned Cost and Actual Cost).  From the example above i have an Question.  Planned Cost = 100Actual Cost = 40Then Remaining Cost will show as 60.  If i change the value of Planned Cost as 150 in the page then will the Remaining cost value show the result as 110 Instantly(Like Javascript validation which will change on fly) or i need to save it and then only in the page the result in the Remaining cost column will show   as 110.  Pls clarify...  Regards,Sundar