Java Jobs in Clarity

Discussion created by Sireesha on Aug 7, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi ,    We have written a java program using web services. To run this java program we have configured the job on Clarity and placed the jar file in  %NIKU_HOME%/lib folder.      Issue:   This java code needs Axis.jar version 1. 2 (or above) for web services . But Clarity v 12  uses Axis.jar version 1.1.154. Hence we cannot use this jar for our java program. If we use   Axis.jar version 1. 2 , our job runs fine but Reports wont execute. If we use the older version, reports run fine but our job does not execute.   We need our job to pick the Axis.jar of  version 1. 2 .  So we tried placing Axis.jar version 1. 2 outside the lib folder and then giving its absolute path in the MANIFEST.MF file but to no avail.    Is there a way in which we can use Axis.jar version 1. 2 for our job alone and let Clarity use Axis.jar version 1.1.154 for reports?    Regards,  Sireesha