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Project Storyboard Report - Project Risks Section

Question asked by vogtce on Aug 10, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2009 by vogtce
Does anyone know how the Project Risks section of the Project Storyboard Report works? I could not find any reference in the documentation or on the CA Support site and do not understand the results I get in the report.  I ran the report for a project that has 12 risks. Only six of them appeared on the report (five on page 1 and one on page 2). The risks appear to be listed in random order as they are not sorted by name or ID. I then clicked on the More Risk link expecting to see the complete list of 12 risks but that put me onto the Issues & Risk page for all issues/risks I have access to. If there is a line limitation on the report I would expect it to print everything on the same page and not go to a second page for  one line. Also, I expected the More Risks link to take me to the risk page of the project I ran the report for, not the high-level Issues & Risks tab for all issues/risks.  Any insights would be greatly appreciated.