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The use of nbi_xxxx tables

Question asked by pazhirsh on Aug 16, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi team,  We use the resource planning pages in order to plan and view workloads, allocations etc.However, our management has asked for a graph portlet which can be filtered by Role name, and shows capacity(availablity) and Demand(allocation)  over the months of the year.This information is out there, as I can see it on the resource planning pages.  Please find attached an example of the graph as it is being generated today (manually in Excel, using data from resource planning pages)  I'm not so familiar with the datamart tables and someone else has done the datamart configuration quite long ago, so I have a few questions/assumptions:  1. I think the information should be in the NBI_RT_FACTS, I can find there the calendar_time_key,resource/role, availability and allocation columns  which are needed.2. This table is not populated with current and updated data. I have roles and resources allocated to projects, yet I don't see any related records in the NBI_RT_FACTS table.3. I've read the Clarity guide regarding jobs, and run the following jobs (in order of appearance): Time Slicing, Datamart Extraction and Datamart Rollup.  Still, can't get the information I need.  I would appreciate your suggestions.  Paz