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How does one upload a report?

Question asked by RobertG on Aug 24, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2009 by another_martink
Hello all:  Sorry about the noob post, but I've been asked to update some of the reports running on our Clarity 7.5.2 system.   My only experience with the tool is this single task.  The one I picked was written in Actuate eReport Designer 7 Pro.   I loaded the report into actuate, fixed the issue (a small misspelling in a static search list), built it and now I need to upload it.  So far, I've:1.   Gone to the admin tool.2.   Under Data Administration, clicked on Reports and Jobs.3.   Found the report I need to update.   The executable type is "Report" and the filename is: /CUSTOM/PRJ_STATUS_NC_NS_PRD.rox4.   If I click the report name, I can get to the properties page.  5.   I can see where the box for the Executable Name is located and can even edit it.  Question:1.   How do I actually upload to the Clarity system the new executable (.rox) file that I created with Actuate?  2.   If this is a straightforward task, is it documented someplace and can I download the file(s)?  Background:   I'm working on our test system and won't update our production system until I'm sure what I've done is actually working.  Thanks!--Robert ....