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How to tell if the APP is working?

Question asked by Dave on Aug 25, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2009 by sundar
Ok, I have a nice question....  I have an (8.1) instance running across four APP instances (on 2 windows machines).  I normally access the application through a load balancer spreading the load across those four APP services.  Every "now and then" (a few times a week), one of the APP services will fall over (with a "java thread" error or something like that), but we are used to this happening and so we just restart it when it falls over (actually offten we have to restart both APPs on the same machine when we do this, but thats another story)  However this relies upon someone "noticing" that it has fallen over... the load balancer does not pick this up.   The problem is the load balncer can still "access" the APP service URL, its only when you get past the login screen, does the APP not respond.   So a user gets a "page not found" error after they login, calls the helpdesk and they call us to restart the service...  I'd like to be able to spot this proactively (without relying on the user/helpdesk).   I want to be able to write some simple command that can tell whether the app(s) are OK or not.... this could be pretty simple I think?  My problem is "how" do I tell the APP is broken, the APP's URL always responds (with the logon page) so its going to be a bit cleverer than that?  I suspect I can try a webservice call, but I think that this just "hangs" when the APP has fallen over.  So before I try to write a complex (for me) "try web sevice, if it has not responded in 2 minutes then assume the app is broken and kill the web service request", or something crawling the APP logs looking for the "java thread" errors...  Does anyone have a clever (i.e. simple) way of me "pinging" the APP to check its "still there"?  thanks  Dave.