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Offline timesheet customization

Question asked by ArtB on Aug 28, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2009 by Dave
The people in our operations department charge the same project and task day in and day out.   They have requested us to create an automated solution that will populate their timesheet, pre-fill it with their standard project / task and hours, and submit the timesheet for approval.   I was hoping to leverage the offline timesheet Excel spreadsheet, but the macro code is password protected. I still think that an Excel solution is the best bet - where once a week, the manager of the group updates the Period Start date and invokes the macro.   I would use the XOG, but from what we have seen, the XOG will fail if the timesheet already exists in the system - the offline timesheet can update an existing timesheet.  Does anyone have any useful examples on how to create an Excel to Clarity update macro?   The documentation provided by CA (we are still on release 7.5.3)  is inadaquate.