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How to trigger a process on Create Issue button from a Risk?

Question asked by samos on Sep 22, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2009 by samos
Hi All,

I'm trying to trigger a process on creation of an Issue, when it is converted from a Risk using the "Create Issue" button on the Risk page.

The atrribute I'm trying to use to trigger off the process is Originating Risk/Issue, which is a string80 type, and I can't seem to get Clarity's process engine to detect when this field gets populated using the start Conditions on my process.

For example, I've tried the following conditions, on both Issue Create, as well as Issue Update events, but the Processes aren't firing.

like( issue.p_risk_issue_name, "*1" ) ||   like( issue.p_risk_issue_name, "*0" )

The reason I'm using these conditions, is because our Risks and Issues are auto-numbered, and will always contain a 1 or a 0...

To answer some of the questions that may be asked:
The processes are validated, and activated.
They are using the Linked Object as Issue, thisIssue.
I have all global rights on the system.
There's no partitions involved.
The process has a simple step in it, unlock all attributes (which they should be anyway) and notify me when this step occurs.
There's no GEL involved (yet).

Any hints on getting this to work please? Or any other options that I might have?

Sam Z.