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PMO Accelerator Portlet Prereqs

Question asked by dtietze on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2009 by eVBI
Hi.  Can anybody point me at a description of the technical prerequisites of the various PMO Accelerator Portlets?  The high-level descriptions in the PDF doc are all well and good. But a cursory look at the NSQLs shows that some portlets (e.g. "Upcoming Milestones")  seem to rely on the presence of a baseline, others (e.g. the " Team Member Organizer")  show only information directly related to the user currently looking at the dashboard, such as tasks assigned directly to this user.  Surely there must be a documentation, somewhere, that explains things along the lines of "in order to get this portlet to show information, the project must have a baseline and have milestones that have a status other than COMPLETED" or mething like that.  Thanks,regards,Daniel