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How to get the user name who generates the report?

Question asked by Shruthi on Oct 1, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by Jimmy
Hi,  We have a requirement which is as follows:In our report, we need to restrict a few fields when the user is "XYZ". But need to display the fields if the user is "PQR".So we need to know which user is running the report.  The "created_by" column in the table " cmn_sch_job_runs " gives the user id of the person who runs the report. So, we tried to pick the latest "created_by" in that table by sorting it based on the created date. But we cannot determine which report the user executed. Also, if the 2 or more users execute the same report we cannot be sure of picking up the correct user.  Please suggest any alternate means of getting the user id of the user who executes our report.    Thanks,Shruthi