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How customisable is Clarity?

Question asked by matpj on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2009 by AlexandreAssis-CA
Hi all,I have been tasked with creating a new object in Clarity to perform a task for our prepaid allocations procedure.  This would involve a new  object and sub-object that lists transactions from the WIP table, displays them on-screen with a check box next to each one and a custom 'Allocate' button that runs a process against the selected records.This doesn't sound like  it is possible to do within Clarity.  Can anybody confirm if this sort of thing  IS possible?e.g. custom buttons?ojects reading data from other tables and listing them with checkboxes to make selections etc.  Any help would be appreciated.I would rather not have to write an external application, but I fear we have no alternative.  Regards,Matt