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How to change the default tab in "Resource Planning" so not 'wor

Question asked by marlon on Oct 19, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell
Currently, when navigating to the Portlet Page "Resource Planning" (id=projmgr.resourcePlanning), the default tab that it navigates to is "projmgr.workloads".     There doesn't appear to be any 'default'  tab option available under /Admin/ side to be able to specify another tab as the default.We don't want to remove the 'workloads' tab from this tabbed portlet page,  and we've tried re-ordering the tabs, but  Clarity insists on navigating to 'workloads' tab each time, irrespective of its' ordering position.  Any advice on  how this can be achieved would be greatly appreciated.  ThanksMarlon