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Clarity Object Webservice Read xml Structure

Question asked by Brandon on Oct 28, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell


Thanks to the answer on my previous post (, I am much closer to reading and writing to and from clarity through the object web service.


I need to read and write TimePeriod objects from clarity.   I have the TimePeriods service added into visual studio 2008 and I am able to login.   After I login it gives me a session Id variable. The service has a WriteTimePerid and ReadTimePeriod, both of which take xml and return a xml as string (which is the response message).   I imagine that reading will be easier than writing, so I would like to seek help with that.  


As per your Clarity Intergration Guide on page 38 or 436, which lists the example read request xml.  


This is the example listed:




I take it that the xml above is to search for users.   What would the TimePeriods xml structure look like.   I am gong to take a shot at the structure, but I am not sure about the available filters.


Can someone please help me out with what the xml structure will look like if I was searching for timerperiods?

Thank you,
Brandon Rohrer