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What happens if you turn off Allow Mixed Booking?

Question asked by Jim_Fuhring on Nov 17, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2009 by Dave
I'm reading the Project Management User Guide to gather some insight on Mixed Booking. We've received a change request in our organization to remove this feature. The problem that was stated was that they didn't know what mixed booking ment. If someone is mixed booked at 20% and they are hard booked at 50%, do they have an availablitly of 50%? The manual states the following:   For a resource to have separate hard and soft allocations, the system setting for Allow Mixed Booking must be turned on. For more information about this setting, see your Clarity administrator.    If I turn off mixed booking, I'm I going to have two line items in the team list, one for soft booked status and one for hard booked status?    Thanks