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Question asked by FL_Joan on Nov 20, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2009 by ybus
I have a query for an acuate report that I use for my current 7.5.3 production system that provides us a report / graph of a pie of our work classifications.   I have ran this raw report query against My Sandbox version of 12.2 and the query results are identical in my SQL developer tool as the results from   my Acuate report.    I than modified this working SQL query to NSQL and got the following error in my preview in Clarity 12.2.   Below that is my actual NSQL statement.    Can anyone see what might be wrong with  my NSQL statement to produce this error?    I am trying to turn this query into a graph portlet in 12.2.   I have revised it to NSQL but get the following error when I run it."NPT-0103: Error when trying to execute the query. Native message: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected SQL Text: SELECT chgcd.pcc_dept_name Dept, chgcd.pcc_cost_center2 Ctr, prj.pcc_dept_name DeptN, prjoob.NAME Name, task.prexternalid ID, task.prname Task, RES.full_name Full, TIME.practsum Sum, ***.pruid PID, tpd.prstart Start, tpd.prfinish Finish, chgcd.pcc_app_code Code, prj.pcc_proj_class Class FROM niku.odf_ca_pcc_charge_codes chgcd, niku.odf_ca_project prj, niku.srm_projects prjoob, niku.prtask task, niku.srm_resources res, niku.prtimeentry time, niku.prassignment ***, niku.prtimeperiod tpd, niku.prtimesheet tsht WHERE niku.prtimesheet.prid = niku.prtimeentry.prtimesheetid AND niku.prtimesheet.prresourceid = niku.srm_resources.ID AND niku.prtimeentry.prassignmentid = niku.prassignment.prid AND niku.prassignment.prtaskid = niku.prtask.prid AND niku.prtask.prprojectid = niku.srm_projects.ID AND niku.srm_projects.ID = niku.odf_ca_project.ID AND niku.odf_ca_project.pcc_dept_name = niku.odf_ca_pcc_charge_codes.NAME AND niku.prtimesheet.prtimeperiodid = niku.prtimeperiod.prid AND niku.prtimeentry.practsum 0 AND niku.prtimesheet.prstatus = 4 AND niku.prtimeperiod.prstart >= 02-AUG-2009 AND niku.prtimeperiod.prstart 0
    AND niku.prtimesheet.prstatus = 4
    AND niku.prtimeperiod.prstart >= 02-AUG-2009
    AND niku.prtimeperiod.prstart