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Column Field: Column Width

Question asked by lchung on Nov 22, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2009 by lchung
A new grid portlet page  was created  with three sub-portlets rolled up  into  this one page.    I am having a lot of problems  with the column width display.   The column width seems to display not according to what I saved in Admin.   sometimes one column width changes  to much wider than what was identified.   The column width keeps changing.See attachment.    First screen shot shows the default width of each column which can narrow and I cannot seem to be able to wrap the text to the column.The second screen shot is an example of one field and all the fields are identified the same Column Width 1%.Third screen shot, - filtered w/ different OBS - see the column next to Risk Name field right hand side - how wide the column changed.Fourth screen shot, - again filtered w/ different filter - the column width changed again, but much better!  How to set the column width from changing in Admin and so that on the user side each of the field text display wrapped  to the column?  This is urgent and thank you very much!