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Roll off notification

Question asked by ca.portal.admin on Nov 26, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2009 by ca.portal.admin
Hello,  (1) I implemented a process that sends mail notification to resources that are assigned on a task (Basically, it says "Hello ***, you have just been assigned on the project yyy on the task zzz)  (2) Now, I would like to implement a process that could warn someone by email that he has just been removed from an assignment. My problem is that if my process start condition is based on the task assigned resource's id , it seems that clarity cannot keep in memory the id of a resource that has been removed of a task ? (previous value doesn't work in that case )    I know that i can create a new shadow attribute linked to the Task object and that could be updated by my (1) process, it would be a string which value would be the Id of the resource assigned at the time. Then, the second process (2) would compare the values of the current resource's id to the shadow attribute's value and would know if a change has been made and the id of the resource that has been removed.  Is there a "out of the box" solution that i could use to fix this or do i have to create this shadow attribute to keep these removed resources in memory ?  Thank you very much for your help !