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Cost/Budget Plan Questions

Question asked by DanielSGHE on Dec 15, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2009 by another_martink
Greetings,  I have a few questions regarding Cost/Budget plans in R12.   We are currently in the process of upgrading from 7.5.3 fp06 (as a frame of reference).  Q1: In R12 we have noticed that users have the ability to delete cost plan revisions.   Is this right part of the 'Project - Cost Plan - Edit' right or is there a separate right?   We'd like to remove this ability from all but admin users.Q2: We would like to set the default 'Staff Plan Copy Option' to be 'Assignments' rather than 'Allocations'.   Is this an attribute on the Cost Plan object that can be set?   I don't see anything listed.  Thank you in advance!  Daniel