Anyone thought of a better solution for using External Resources

Discussion created by vtleogal on Dec 16, 2009
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I was wondering if anyone has come up with a better solution for using external resources [project resources that do not log time into your system or may never even connect to the company network ]than creating a "dummy" resource to utilize. The problem arises when talking about managing those records. If you have 5 different groups who may work with 20 different vendors (small analogy) -- if you create 20 different kinds of external resources, then it is hard to manage those records, and you'll always have to add more as more are used. Sometimes one vendor may supply 5 resources... so it adds upIf you use just one record, then if you autoschedule, then Clarity/OWB can never properly schedule that resource as they would be overallocated across many groups.Opening security rights for users to create resources is not an option. So, if you've used Clarity for a long time, then you know that this has been brought up several times in the Advisory board, that the application needs a better way to manage this type of work. Naturally MSP users type the resource name, You can't do this in OWB because Clarity would not recognize the id and it would error out.      So, any other quick ideas that people have used?ThanksLynn