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Extracting Data from Clarity

Question asked by Atul.K on Dec 18, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2009 by Dave
We are Saas customer and CA Ondemand looks after our database. We use the VPN connection to login to the database and to query it.We would like to import some of the data into a local database on a regular frequency through automated process. Once we have the data, we would show that data (using a different software) on dashboard on LCD panels.  Options (not sure even if this is possible)XOGEmail Data through a processuse webservice (not sure if it can login on vpn connection)use webmethods or some other integration tool  other ways to do this...  What would you suggest the best way is to export this data from Clarity and import it on the local database? Do you do this in your environment?   Please advise.  Thanks,Atul