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Enabling Audit Trail for Admin Side

Question asked by KartheepanR on Dec 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2010 by Michael
Hi All,  I am trying to track changes made on the Administration side of Clarity. For example, a users group has been removed and we dont know who removed it or what caused the groups to be removed. Also, but it would be ideal to track changes on the administration side, made by the Clarity Administrators or users who have access to the Administration side of Clarity, as well.  I have tried looking for ways to activate Audit Trail on the Admin side, but have not been successful.  Can anybody tell me if this is possible in Clarity and if so, how I can go about doing it?    Environment:  Clarity 12.0 & Clarity 12.0.4Oracle 10 GTomcat(dev environment)/Websphere(UAT/Production)  Any suggestions would be appreciated.    Thank you,  Kartheepan.