Portfolio Scorecard - only inlcudes 'Active' projects

Discussion created by AJP_BNE on Jan 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by WManuel
Hi  I am looking into the Portfolio Scorecard functionality within Portfolio Management and am interested to hear from others who are using this successfully.  My business objective is to review Role Actuals against Role Capacity for the year to date. I have set the parameters correctly in Properties and Contents. The issue I am coming up against is that the current standard scorecard/analysis will only include 'Active' projects. This is not useful to  us as, naturally, over a year there will be projects in a portfolio which are underway (active) and those that have been completed and closed (not-active). We can still report on these projects in other standard portlets by choosing or excluding the active field.  CA Support have advised that there is an existing Enhancement Request which may be included in a future Clarity release: CLRT-43933: Modify Portfolio Scorecard results to include all investments act ive and inactive, as specified by the user thorugh power filters.  CLRT-43933 has been requested to modify Portfolio Scorecard results to includ e all investments active and inactive, as specified by the user thorugh power   filters. Currently, only active investments are displayed.   How are other companies using the Active field? Do you de-activate projects once they are completed? Have you created work-arounds for the scorecard? I am currently providing the Actuals V capacity information by exporting actuals to excel.  We are running v8.1 (and I understand this issue applies to v12 as well)  Thanks in advanceAJP