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Clarity on the iPhone

Question asked by samos on Jan 13, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by sundar
The obvious question is why on earth would you do this?     I mean really….?     In any case, I thought some people might be interested in what does and doesn’t work in a general sense. This is based on my initial tests / what the heck type of observations. I’m no way saying that I’ll chase any of these down to resolution…     Some background:  I see that the CA Clarity PAS supports Safari 2.0.1 or higher <a href=""></a> I used an Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB, version 3.1.2  Data Access was via 3G Mobile Data (not WiFi) to a CA-Hosted Production server, version 8.1.1, without SSO.     What seems to work for me:  Logging in (yay!) and basic navigation.  Generic Apple-specific gestures (scrolling / panning / zooming)  Basic Overview page layout and formatting is fine, there’s only some very minor formatting and alignment issues (such as on Tab headings).  Text is bolded, URLs highlighted, Clarity icons, and colour schemes are accurate.  Clicking on links to take you to other pages (such as Project List, Resource List)  Drop-downs, Browse pop-ups (although akward)  Clicking on (+) icon in hierarchical portlets  List Page filtering  Page-level filtering  “More>>â€? buttons  Scrolling left-right on TSV views (such as Capacity tab / Role Capacity)  Knowledge Store PDFs and Knowledge Store Word Doc  Portlet Graphs display properly (our server is in JPG mode with GZIP compression on, haven’t tested SVG)  Power Filtering  URL-Redirections (yippee!)        What doesn’t seem to work for me:  Displaying Business Objects reports (although I can trigger them, they just don’t seem to appear)  Export to Excel (nice try, I get Apple error saying that the file format is invalid)  Of course opening in MSP or Workbench doesn’t work! (Error: Safari cannot download this file)     Other Observations / Wackiness:  Excessive amounts of zooming and scrolling is required to do anything (and I mean excessive)  It seems list-columns formatted as dates try to be interpreted as phone numbers to call, and the iPhone/ Safari makes them look blue-underlined like a URL.     Maybe I’ll do more if I’m egged on enough, or if I’ve missed anything "important"