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Timesheet Notification issue

Question asked by SonalVaidya on Jan 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2010 by sundar
Hi Gurus,      I need one help regarding Clarity Timesheet Notification.      One user is getting timesheet notification of one resource whereas there is no group/access rights relation between them at all.  After some research we find out the group using below query â€"        SELECT         g. *  FROM           NIKU.CMN_SEC_PERM_ELEMENTS PE,                    NIKU.CMN_SEC_ASSGND_OBJ_PERM AP,                    NIKU.CMN_SEC_GROUP_FLAT_HIERS H,                    NIKU.CMN_SEC_GROUPS G,                    NIKU.CMN_SEC_GROUPS PARENT_GROUP,                    NIKU.CMN_SEC_USER_GROUPS UG  WHERE         UG.GROUP_ID = H.GROUP_ID  AND             H.GROUP_ID = G.ID  AND             G.IS_ACTIVE = 1  AND             PARENT_GROUP.IS_ACTIVE = 1  AND             PARENT_GROUP.ID = H.PARENT_GROUP_ID  AND             AP.PRINCIPAL_ID = H.PARENT_GROUP_ID  AND             AP.PRINCIPAL_TYPE   = 'GROUP'  AND             AP.PERMISSION_ID = PE.PERMISSION_ID  and           UG. user_id = 5017657 â€" - (user who is getting notification)  and pe.PERMISSION_CODE = 'prApproveActuals'  and OBJECT_INSTANCE_ID = 5030761 â€" - (sender id)    Result of this query was â€"      ID GROUP_CODE GROUP_ROLE_TYPE GROUP_TYPE_ID PRINCIPAL_TYPE PRINCIPAL_ID IS_ACTIVE CREATED_DATE CREATED_BY 5004994 CLB_PROJECT_GROUPS5002434 SEC_GROUP_TYPE 2846 CLB_PROJECTS 5002434 1 28/06/2007 5005259    But we are not able to find out the security group with id = 5004994      Technical guide says if Group Role Type = SEC_GROUP_TYPE then it Represents a Clarity-created group for the project manager and participant and there is no project participant group exist for project id = 5002434.      Is there any way to find out and remove this security group?      Please advice.    Regards,  Sonal